Rebekah’s Homeschool Diary: Part 1

Five years ago, I decided to take the Cambridge O Level exams in order to earn the equivalent of a high-school leaving certificate and become a mass communication major. Five years later, I am now a mass communications major (life is funny, that way).

This series will contain excerpts from my homeschooling diary from when I decided to take O levels until I started college. Hopefully, it will be an enjoyable and amusing read.

10th July 2012

It’s like you don’t need a school, a classroom, or a teacher to study anymore, BECAUSE, if you need to study, get on WIKI. If you don’t understand anything, just GOOGLE it.  If you’re lazy, YOUTUBE it. If you’re really lazy, post it on your WALL and wait for someone smart to answer (not recommended).

Study skills – One of the most important skills a good and accomplished student has is effective communication. You must be able to communicate fluently and in the best possible English. You must be able to speak and write quickly and clearly, to express yourself with utmost clarity.

You should also improve your typing skills. You MUST have a minimum of 40 words per minute just to survive, and constantly work to improve your typing speed and accuracy. Quick and accurate typing helps you complete assignments without unnecessary setbacks and time-wasters. Good typing skills will help carry you through grade school, highschool, college, university, and job interviews. Manage your time effectively by constantly working to increase typing speed.

A diligent student sets priorities and works to be a best in whatever he does. Always know that there will be people better than you (thus have a humble attitude) and people worse than you, (thus be understanding). Treat others the way you like to be treated. I’m not saying that excelling in studies is the most important thing in life – it is not! But, doing your best and working to be the best is always desirable.





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