English Tutoring

I hold a Cambridge “Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages” (CELTA) and am a native English speaker from an English-speaking home. I am fluent in international, British and American English have also studied “language and literacy for young children” as well as “language awareness”.

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I provide one-on-one private tutoring in the following areas:

  • English for Young Children – “Nurturing A Confident Learner”

I’ll work with children and parents to create an Individualised Learning Plan (ILP) based on parents’ learning goals, the child’s background, his/her strengths and weaknesses as well as his/her interests. I will use a developmentally appropriate approach that involves making language learning as fun, exciting and hands-on as possible. I will draw from a variety of teaching approaches to tailor lessons to your child’s needs.

I am an inclusive educator and would love to work with any child and value his/her unique abilities.

  • English for School-Going Children – “Strengthening a Motivated Learner”

For school-going children, the emphasis will also be on developing communicative confidence and skills in the four areas of language – reading, writing, speaking and listening through language immersion. I will use children’s literature as a springboard for learning and encourage the use and practise of language as much as possible to develop accuracy and fluency in equal measure. Particular emphasis will be placed on creative writing. Rather than focusing solely on school curricula, I hope to take a more holistic approach that is tailored to your long-term and short-term goals for language learning. I will be able to support learners for whom English is a second or foreign language.

  • English for Academic Purposes – “Supporting an Independent Learner”

At this level, I will focus on language as a medium of learning and communication. “Skills for successful studying” at college or university will be part of the learning plan. I can help you build confidence in yourself as a learner and communicator. We will work on ways to achieve success in receptive language skills (reading and listening) needed for studying and in expressive language skills needed for assessments (writing and speaking). My approach will be all about helping you become you own “teacher”, and thus, a successful and independent learner.

Language is a core skill in tertiary education. Grammar and accuracy affect a significant portion of marks in assessment rubrics. Don’t let language skills hold you back from achieving your full potential.Working one-on-one with a language instructor can make all the difference!