Handmade Soap

I am currently starting a small business selling handmade bars of soap to partly fund my postgraduate studies.


This aloe-cucumber soap is the result of months of R&D – it is a recipe that I have found an ideal balance between cleansing and conditioning properties and one that everyone in my family uses on a daily basis.

As a person wIMG_20171010_230406_192.jpgith a preference for simplicity, I designed this recipe to work as for washing my hands, face and body, making my daily routine minimalistic and additive-free. Coconut oil, Malaysian castor oil and fresh aloe vera gel (grown in my very own garden) are some of the constituent ingredients. The soap is lightly imbued with lavender and rose geranium essential oils which are gentle and have many beneficial properties for the skin.

I chose a simple design, choosing to focus on the properties of the bar rather than a more complex appearance. The soap is large, as large as can fit into the palm of my hand. It is molded in upcycled cartons and handcut in 1-inch thick bars.

The hue of the soap varies slightly from batch to batch depending on the fresh aloe vera gel and the ambient temperature

Currently, I’m selling the bars at RM18 each, with the option for a soap net at the cost price of RM2. You can request them with or without packaging and labeling (waste-free).https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1EXwCJpXXXXaeXpXXq6xXFXXXe/1lot-10pcs-Soap-Bubbles-Net-Wash-Face-Cleanser-Foam-Net-Soap-Bubble-Bag-Practical-Face-Washing.jpg_640x640.jpg

The soap nets are really the best way to use handmade soap, as they help the soap bubble and lather, allow the soap to stay dry between use, and can be conveniently hung.

I will be introducing some of my tried-and-tested, family favourite recipes soon, including the Molasses Oat Scrub and Espresso Bar, Creme Safflower and Guest/Travel Bars.